Going Underground

Every once in a while it’s good to do something that scares you shitless. This is me, above, scared shitless.

This is me entering into the cavernous underworld known as EcoRanchoMayamar, a cave and cenote system in Akumal’s jungle. And believe it or not, this was actually my second time going. The first time, I trekked four miles through the jungle by foot–bypassing potholes, mud, the threat of boas, panthers, and jaguars, all according to EcoRanchoMayamar’s enigmatic owner, Roberto.

Most people have cars, or find a ride, but my friends and I walked. The second time we knew better, and snared a dozing colectivo driver in Akumal’s pueblo by flashing a crisp $100 (in pesos).

Cenotes are everywhere in the Yucatan, but this one was especially neat because it’s on private property, and swimming isn’t the main focus–it’s more of a spelunking excursion. In a swimsuit.

As you move farther into the system, the air gets thicker, hotter. In some areas, we were literally crawling through passageways. It was a tad bit claustrophobic, but Roberto is an excellent guide.

I’ve spoken a little before about overcoming fear in Mexico, and that’s what I love about traveling, and traveling to Mexico specifically. There is always the vague threat of danger lurking. There is always some weird encounter or opportunity that pushes you. This was definitely one of those times.


cave view

jax jer look

stalag 2

water clear

jer crawl