Crystal Blue Persuasion

It’s painful to fathom that my time here has dwindled and that my Mexican sojourn is coming to a close. It seems like only yesterday the plane was touching down and I had the whole two months ahead of me. Now I have two weeks. (But, what kind of gringa would I be without some secret plans in the works? Please, cross your fingers for me!)

So I’ve been keeping active as a distraction from the mounting depression and instability I’m starting to feel. Last week was incredibly eventful — beginning with a snorkel tour I took on Tuesday. Even though I’m now a PADI-certified diver, sometimes I just wanna snorkel.

I grabbed a cab to the Money Bar at 8:30 and when the boat arrived, who should I see but fair Antonio? Cozumel island’s favorite comedian/party animal/all-around good guy. I went from snorkeling by my lonesome to having a partner in crime. I love surprises.

I befriended Antonio during my November trip to Cozumel, and we’ve kept in touch since. If there’s two things Antonio loves in this world, it’s Tecate and tourists. He’s never a dullard.

Wakey, wakey!

Antonio happened to be the photographer for the tour I’d chosen, which would take me to a beach called El Cielo, rife with starfish. Also on the docket: Columbia shallows and Palancar reef. Antonio was super-hungover and told me he’d been on a 12-hour bender at some of the island’s cantinas — still, I entrusted in him to take some amazing underwater shots of me, Little Mermaid-style, after his crab breakfast, of course.

What do you guys think?

Glamorous and exciting photo-shoot concluded, I spent the rest of the day indulging in hair-of-the-dog Coronas with Antonio and eating fresh tuna with our fingers from a plastic yogurt carton. We spotted a few sea turtles while snorkeling, but the current was strong and the visibility suffered because of it.

But at least I got to drive the boat!

With Cap'n Martin and JJ the snorkel guide