Letter to Iredell from the Yucatan

I love discovering new poems. Even better, when these poems talk about Cozumel, Mexico. How cynical to think I was the only one? From PANK, by Mike Dockins:

Jamie, once again I’m strumming the low
latitudes, plucking dark lines
like harp strings—oblivion’s
tropical melody. All morning I’ve been drinking
the wide blue sky: cliché heaped upon cliché—
each atom complicit, each molecule a temple
of triteness, a dull world.
But this green sea is a global original,
an inimitable canvas. And beyond the epic
reef that stretches like a marine spine
toward Belize: the zillion
hotels of Cozumel—a zillion fangs
in the jaw of the horizon, the horizon
speckled with cruise ships fatter
and no doubt more festive than my hometown. …

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