Increíblemente ocupada

This has been one of the busiest times of my life, with no sign of slowing down. Not only have I been devouring travel memoirs like crazy, I’ve started working on my memoir that I hope — cross fingers! — to complete while in Cozumel. If being consumed with a book project wasn’t enough, I’ve also been doing minor freelance jobs on the side, taking a Spanish class, figuring out how to move out of my apartment, and making arrangements about where to store my stuff. But it’s my fulltime job that’s kept me the most busiest, as every other day it seems I’m interviewing another faculty member in preparation of my first Gazette cover story — on poetry at Harvard. It’s very exciting and a great opportunity for me.

Luckily, last week I had the great fortune to do a reading at Newtonville Books on the first stop of the Madonna & Me book tour. My essay, “Mother Madonna,” graces this anthology’s amazing pages, which seemed to take forever to get published! Maybe it was just that I’m incredibly impatient, but it’s finally OUT. Buy yourself a copy — you won’t regret it.

I read with read with three other wonderful contributors: Erin Trahan, Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, and Christine Bachman. Laura Barcella, the talented editor behind the project, was on-site to introduce us.

I read last, which I didn’t mind. But the sun set, and I could feel the crowd slinking away. Luckily for me, my piece is relatively short and contains flourishes of soft-core porn. The crowd was warm and immediately livened up; one girl was even bowling over with laughter, but I’m pretty sure the lady in the front row had her jaw hanging open through my whole reading. It’s a pretty risque piece.

I’m continually surprised by the bits of humor people pick up in my essays. Even when I’m meaning to be serious, subconsciously I just can’t take myself — or life — too seriously. Humor always pokes in, and so even as I felt a bit disconnected from the essay — I’d written it more than two years ago — the volume of insanity and upheaval depicted in the essay helped reconnect me with not only the story, but this period in my life.

The book has been garnering a lot of attention, and to top off I got a mention in this Atlantic article!